Hands-On With The New Patek Philippe 5205R Annual Calendar Perfect Imitation Watches In Rose Gold

While the bulk of the excitement surrounding Basel World must do with the introduction of entirely new designs and motions, it’s essential not to overlook upgrades to present references. Patek Philippe annual calendar chronograph platinum replica watches added a rose golden option for the 5205 from the 5205R, which is amazing in ways completely different from the prior white golden 5205s. It’s a fantastic illustration of a brand new metal giving an existing mention a totally new feel.

First, let us do a fast re-cap of the basics of the 5205. It is an annual calendar with immediately jumping indicators for the day, date, and month all set in apertures at the peak of the dial. The 24-hour indicator and moonphase are in a round subdial at 6 o’clock, and you will find large batons for your hour markers. All of this is in a 40mm case with pierced lugs.

The existing white gold models (5205G) both have two-tone dials, either a rhodium and silvery gray or matte black and slate gray. For the 5205R though, both dial alternatives are single color, either opaline white or lacquered black. While the 5205G has a real sporty, marginally casual appeal, the 5205R appears exceptionally elegant in both configurations. It is really a entire transformation of this watch’s character, and one that certainly works.

Additionally, it is worth noting here that the 5205G bears more than a small resemblance to the 5208 Grand Complication. Sure, it’s an yearly calendar as a substitute for a perpetual calendar, chronograph, and minute repeater, but we are just talking aesthetics here.