Drive starring Patek Philippe and Ryan Gosling Swiss Made Fake Watch

Drive movie transports the audience into a narrative with a classical trajectory (a case of resurrection ) narrated with an astounding virtuosity. Camera movements, art direction, soundtrack, everything was designed to take you into a world that just the director Nicholas Winding Refn could create. A film composed by already cult scenes, which asks a vital question to any watch enthusiast: What sort of watch is Ryan Gosling wearing?

“Should I push , you give me a time and a place I provide a five minute window”– Ryan Gosling — Drive

Ryan Gosling clasp is watch on the steering wheel of his own Chevrolet Chevelle 1973 and accelerate, foot down, in Los Angeles’ streets.

Its watch, complete protagonist in this film, is a white gold Patek Philippe Calatrava 5196 G drive replica watches with a brown strap. The real version hasn’t yet been used during filming but 5 to 6 replicas have worked as double. Too risky indeed to harm a real Patek during the numerous stunts and fights scenes using an astonishing realism.

This choice apparently came out of a concertation between Ryan Gosling and manager Nicholas Winding Refn who aims to find a classical and timeless watch, the protagonist would have inherited from his father.