Hands-On The New Patek Philippe Nautilus In Rose Gold Reference 5711R Swiss Movement Clone Watches

Patek Philippe nautilus rose gold diamond replica watches‘ showing at Baselworld 2015 was, in my view, its strongest in years. We watched them reveal absolutely stunning updates into the 5170G (black dial, oversize breguet, leaf palms make a universe of difference) and 5270 (currently available in rose, and no longer chin on existing g models). OKthey also brought the least Patek watch they have ever produced from the 5524G but we’ve already covered that craziness here. One bit from Basel that we have not talked about yet and is just now hitting authorized traders is the brand new Nautilus 5711 in rose gold.

The 5711 in sound rose gold is an opinion that I bet most of you likely believed already been around — and it did, simply with no gold bracelet. And if you know anything about Genta layouts, these watches are simply incomplete or even on a bracelet. So, a 5711 in rose gold with gold necklace was a welcome addition to the group, and one that we had been awaiting for years.

The actual allure of this Nautilus (or even the Royal Oak, for the thing ) is that the totally incredible, epic finishing on the bracelet and case. I actually believe that a Royal Oak or Nautilus is one of the greatest watches to educate a young watch lover about case finishing because you are able to see so many different sorts of casework in one spot, all in a well known and easy to wear package. Have a look at the mirror polishing on the bezel and case edges, as you have incredible cleaning on the flat surfaces.

The dial of the 5711/1R is a beautiful chocolate brown, that can be apparently all of the rage with rose-gold watches. While hardly original, I can not hate on the option whatsoever — it seems great. Also, if you look carefully, you can see this isn’t a fundamental brown dial — it is actually gradiated between dark and light brown. The 5711 is a 40 mm case that’s waterproof to a very respectable 120 meters.

You kinda can not speak about the Nautilus without thinking about that the Royal Oak, and vice versa. When we saw the 5711 in rose gold be born, we immediately guessed”hmmm — can it be less expensive compared to the Royal Oak in rose gold” The response? It’s pretty much the same. The 15400 (abandoned ) is priced at $50,500, so a $500 difference — hardly enough of a variance to induce a person searching for a $50,000 watch one or another. It is 41 millimeters in diameter (1 mm larger than Nautilus), features AP’s in-house grade 3120 using a 60-hour power reserve (15 hours longer), and is water resistant to 45 m (less than half an 5711). It includes a black or white dial.

The timeless Royal Oak Jumbo in rose gold (mention 15202) is priced at $50,800 — $200 less than the 5711R. It’s 39 mm (1 mm bigger than the Nautilus), includes the grade 2121 (that was actually used in the original Nautilus 3700) with a power reserve of 40 hours (five less than the Patek) and is water resistant to 50 m (less than half the Nautilus). On the other hand, the 15202 holds a particular spot in the minds of collectors since it’s the closest thing to a classic Gerald Genta design in the world, using the exact same standard and case proportions since the first. It should be noted that the 15202 is also a rather thin watch at 8.10 mm and includes a dial reminiscent of the original.

What is fascinating to me as somebody who closely watches the Nautilus and RO lines is how carefully these watches are priced. When I reviewed the Royal Oak chronograph in golden two years ago, it was a great $37,000 less than the competing Nautilus chronograph in rose gold. Grantedthe 5980R uses a fully in-house movement while the ROC utilizes an F. Piguet caliber, but there’s a massive cost difference where the self-winding watches are so closely bunched together. Furthermore, if you are a VC guy, they make an Overseas on RG (no necklace ) that comes in at $31,700, but hard to compare prices without all that gold.