Patek Philippe Nautilus White Dial Reference 5711 Replica Watch Review

Patek Philippe Nautilus White Dial Reference 5711 Replica Watch Review

One of my favorite topics of conversation at watch occasions, such as the RedBar Crew meetup, is the concept of grail watches. For people who are unfamiliar, many folks in our community use the expression”grail watch” to describe a wristwatch that’s at the very top of their wish list. What you may not know is that nearly every collector you’ll meet changes his/her grail view regularly. Sure, a number people end up getting that grail bit, however as horophiles, a lot of us find something else that catches our eye.

My obsession with this bit started long before I had a reasonably successful Instagram page concerning watches. Flashback to 2011, when I was frequently traveling internationally, and among my principal destinations was Geneva, Switzerland.

As you can see in the photograph above, if you’ve ever had a opportunity to see Geneva, you will see something very horologically interesting; nearly every building on Lake Geneva is adorned with a sign or logo for a major watch brand. In Geneva, I’d encounter and be inspired by the various brand billboards along with just about any building on the lake. If you’re a curious sort, you have no option but to go back to your hotel room and start Googling. While I may not have been into luxury watches at the time, I guess that you could say the writing was on the wall. My time in Geneva helped nurture a curiosity and appreciation of haute horology.

Concerning name recognition from the watch business Rolex comes first, and Patek Philippe nautilus 5711 rose gold replica watches second. Because you might have previously read, my first nice timepiece was a contemporary Rolex Explorer I 39 mm (reference 214270). Soon after buying the Explorer, my interest in Rolex skyrocketed. I purchased a Milgauss, Daytona, GMT II (Coke), GMT Root Beer, Oysterquartz, and the list Continues.

After I started attending RedBar, I immediately realized the world of horology was not a lot of pretentious rich dudes with fine watches. I began getting a hands-on time with pieces from Audemars Piguet, Blancpain, and Patek Philippe nautilus 5711 listenpreis replica watches. Getting weekly time with watches from the major players changed my perception of what watch collecting should be. My fellow RedBar members gently nudged me to diversify my group out of Rolex.

Fast forward to today, and also my 5711, or if I say that my fiancée’s 5711? From the minute my fiancée attempted the piece on she declared it was her fresh grail. Of course I asked,”why not the blue dial?” To which she answered”if you are going to get a Patek, you are likely to do it on my terms.” Having been so stunned she was taking the lead with this acquisition (she’s the thrifty one in our family), I made moves to acquire one until she changed her mind! If only the additional connections were easier to substitute…

After almost a year on the wrist (involving the fiancée and I), I’ve found the piece incredibly versatile. There’s a reason that these watches are so appealing to a broad variety of collectors. I was most surprised how”beneath the radar” this opinion can be. I can’t recall the last time a non-horophile commented about the Nautilus. In general, it is an wonderful watch with a great heritage, and a bit that can wear well on almost any event.

The case

Well built, modular structure, well balanced, and impeccably finished. I found the situation hard enough to get ordinary wear under the cuff, and the occasional swim. When you look carefully, you will see the subtle seals and screws which go unnoticed to the untrained eye.

The dial

Probably my favourite part of this watch. An extremely intriguing gray, white, and silver daydream of a dial. Looking right into the dial you see white; move it to the side and you see an extremely subtle gray shade, and tilt the watch and you will notice a nimbus-cloud silver colour. On top of all the dial has given me the maximum entertainment on social websites: a commenter on my Instagram page noticed the dial appears”just like a garage door” I’ve maintained the garage door dial moniker and it’s been a favorite joke locally.

The bracelet

Polished center connection, fantastic brushed links, along with a grip that’s not hard to use. It’d be nice if Patek Philippe nautilus 5711 prix imitation watch would offer a leather strap option (I am speaking to you, aftermarket strap men!) . On my own piece, the links are stored together with push pins instead of the modern screw pins.

Final ideas

I believe this piece to be one of the hallmarks of my collection. I am a fairly busy collector so I am constantly shifting bits in and outside. However, it would take quite a bit to make me a part with all the 5711. The watch has proven its versatility, and it has become both a staple and a star of my own collection.